About Cabela’s

As the world’s largest retailer of outdoor supplies and accessories, Cabela’s prides itself on engaging customers by bringing the fun and awe-inspiring adventure of the outdoors to their in-store experience. With stuffed wildlife throughout the store and displays depicting mountainous scenery, every visit to Cabela’s is designed to be as educational and interactive as it is captivating and exciting. To help enhance the experience, Cabela’s relies on the expertise of Mood for On-Hold and On-Site Messaging.

The Support

Cabela’s Voice Messaging solutions are fully managed and fulfilled by a single dedicated Voice Consultant, who is equipped with a deep understanding of the client’s customer experience goals and account needs. This individual provides Cabela’s with a high level of service consistency and reliability, responsible for coordinating between the client and Mood’s team of professional copywriters and voice talents. Additionally, the consultant also assists in scheduling messages, processes new production orders and sends reminders when it’s time to update messages.

“The On-Site messages do a great job of getting our customers’ attention and enhancing the experience at our stores. And with On-Hold Messaging, we’re able to prevent hang-ups and direct call traffic to the right departments. If you want Voice Messaging that truly drives results and has great service to back it up, go with Mood. You won’t be disappointed.”

Michelle Coalson
Retail Marketing Planner II

The Solution

Cabela’s employs a combination of promotional and informative content for both On-Hold and On-Site Messaging, designed to complement seasonal sales initiatives while adding value to the customer experience. Special sales for holidays such as July 4th, Father’s Day and Christmas are highlighted, as well free in-house classes, product demos and much more.

Using Mood’s Voice Design online portal, Cabela’s can build and approve scripts, request changes, submit production orders, track order status and access past productions – all with a few simple clicks.

The Result

Cabela’s is thrilled with the effectiveness of their messaging and its ability to enhance the customer experience for both in-store shoppers and callers. This comprehensive solution helps increase sales on special items, raises awareness for in-store events and gives a rustic and knowledgeable voice to their brand. On-hold messaging delivers the same great benefits as On-Site content while minimizing hang-ups and efficiently directing call traffic.

Additionally, Cabela’s point-of-contact loves the high level of service that Mood provides and the peace of mind that her Voice Consultant brings.




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